Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India

Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India

Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India – This article is about the leading business nowadays in India as Neuro PCD pharma franchise Companies in India. If you are planning to starts your business in the neuro pharma field, that is a suitable time. Go ahead and invest in the top and best Neuro PCD business. You don’t need to worry about it. We are here for your help. In this article, we share the top 10 Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India that can help you to decide your fate.

Neurology is a division of medicine dispensing with diseases of the nervous system. The Indian neurological evaluates at $13.5 million at a CAGR of 6.2%. All you know is that the neuro PCD business has good demand in India. Its increasing demand across various cities and towns because the market demand for neuro medicines is high and supply is short but generates good revenue and has scope for neuro PCD. Investing in the best company can help your enterprise to grow more reliably and expeditiously.

Here is the list of Neuro PCD Pharma Companies that provide drugs: 

  • Anti Depressants
  • Anxiolytics
  • CNS Products
  • Anti Epileptic & Mood Stabilizers
  • Anti Psychotics
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti Epileptic
  • Anti-Addiction
  • Anxiolytics Medicines
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Psychiatric
  • Psychiatry

The Scope of Neurology Franchise Companies in India: 

In the present time, teenagers or young blood suffering from depression, mental illness, or mental disorders connect to the abnormal functionality of the body’s nervous system. In this type of disease, patient nerve cell circuits behave abnormally the complete body function with the brain. The prevalence of neurological illnesses in Indian cities and towns ranged from 967 to 4,070 per 100,000 people, with a mean of 2394 per 100,000 people suffering from neurological disorders.

Increased demand for neuro medicine automatically increases the scope of the pharma neurological business. Now coming to the point of invest in neurological franchise companies. PCD is Propaganda cum Distribution that provides you an opportunity to be your boss with no pressure. Also, the requirement of investment in Neurology Franchise Companies is low reduces risks. Along with that, the increasing number of good hospitals and clinics of neurology rapidly.

Your franchise will grow if you have a great network or relationship with professionals. All these factors increase the scope of neurology franchise companies in India and increase the coming percentage of the profit of your business.

List of Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India: 

If you are ready to invest in this domain, the first step is to choose the company in which you want to invest. Invest in a good company that makes you more profit than choose the right neurology pharma company in pan India. Here we share reliable and professional Top 10 Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India, as per your requirement.

1. Fawn Incorporation: 

Fawn Incorporation is the foremost neurology Pcd Pharma Franchise Company Among several top brands of neuro products. The company follows all norms and rules of the World Health Organization during manufacturing products. Also, well-known as GMP certified, makes them the best in the leading world of pharmaceuticals of India. They have expertise in high-quality drugs at affordable prices.

The company starts its establishment in 2003 as the most reputable manufacturers and supplier of Pharmaceutical Products. Also, helped to build long term relationship with its clients. Their central focus is on producing cost-effective, high-quality, and secure solutions to clients with the help of the best of technology, methods, and personalities. They have skilled pharmacists, microbiologists, research scholars in their team that help them with the up-gradation and timely delivery of the products.

The company manufacture high-quality and DCGI approved neuro range medicines. They also administer in Neuropsychiatry Pcd Pharma Franchise company at Pan India Level. Their center of attention is on every parameter starting, from procurement of products to the best possible technology.

The range of neurology products includes:

  • Divalproex Sodium Extended-Release 250mg
  • Gabapentine 100 mg
  • Levetiracetam I.P. 500 mg.
  • Duloxetine 30 mg
  • Oxcarbazepine 150 mg
  • Zolpidem 10 mg (NRX)
  • Ebastine 10mg
  • Flunarizine 10mg
  • Citicoline I.P. 500 mg.
  • Piracetam 500 mg.
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Contact Them: SCO 96, First Floor, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana, Pincode – 134116, India

2. Human Biolife India Pvt. Ltd: 

Since Human Biolife India starts its establishment, they are the most trustworthy and reputable manufacturers and suppliers of neuropsychiatry medicine. They are engaging in the manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of formulations such as tablets, injections, and new drugs that are DCGI Certified. The company manufactures products as per ISO 9001: 2015 and GMP WHO norms. These assure to has high-quality standards.

Their focus is on improving the health of the community by offering efficacious and quality products. To achieve client satisfaction, they put a maximum range of quality products by taking feedback from all associates. Also, maintain the international level of standard in pharma product selling by adopting the best quality products and distribution. Since the company starts, they provide high-quality patient care in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and effective communication.

Their system manages by top authorities who are responsible for planning, controlling, assigning work.

The neurology product range they offers are as follows:

  • Pregabalin 75 mg Methylcobalamin 750 mcg
  • Amisulpride IP 50 mg
  • Olanzapine IP 5 mg
  • Trihexyphenidyl Hcl IP 2 mg
  • Risperidone 1mg E
  • Venlafaxine Hcl USP 75 mg
  • Etizolam 0.5 mg escitalopram IP 10 mg
  • Bupropion Hcl USP 150 mg
  • Amitriptyline IP 25 mg
  • Sodium valproate 200 mg

Address: Plot No 315, Industrial Area Phase-2, Panchkula (Haryana), Pincode -134109, India

3. Sanity Pharma: 

Sanity Pharma is one of the most reliable neuro pcd pharma companies. With years of experience in this field, they provide adequate solutions to all its client problems. They have expertise in manufacturing affordable drugs and marketing branded drugs all over the country. These products mainly target patients who are suffering from mental sickness and disorder. Their price range is very competitive that makes us the leader in psychiatric products in India.

They are associated with the production of medicines as per the directives laid by GMP and the World health organization. It’s all products manufacutrers by using first-grade raw material and adhering to intercontinental processes and standards. They invest in research and development quality control and improved delivery services. The company considers producing confirmed quality formulation having unity and coherence in texture and suspense.

They are committed to bringing affordable, effective, and innovative healthcare solutions. They have certification of ISO 9001:2015 for providing high-class raw materials as per international standards.

The product list also includes:


Contact address: 802, Safal Prelude, Nr. Ashwaraj Bunglow, Nr. Prahlad Nagar Garden, Off – S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Pincode -380015, Gujarat, India

4. Arlak biotech: 

Arlak biotech is one of the foremost neuro pcd pharma franchise companies with ISO-GMP approval. And they produce the best-quality neuropsychiatry medicines. They have manufacutrers more than 1000+ products such as tablets, capsules, soft gelatin capsules, syrups, injectables, soap, lotion, powder, etc. Also, its products develop in a sterilized environment by skilled experts and the latest technology.

They work closely with the medical profession and contribute to the health of individuals and the progress of medicine by adhering. They dedicate themself to the highest ethical standards. The company has a team of experts who develop the best quality neuropsychiatry range of drugs and medicines. Its medicines are FDA and DCGI approved. They are assigned to keep up their position at the vanguard of all niches and edges of the nation.

Along with all these points, they provide their clients with the best marketing strategies and promotional tools to increase sales and earn profits.

Their neuropsychiatry product includes:

  • Q-CIT P
  • Q-CIT 500 TAB
  • Q-CIT

Registered address: SCO 5-6, Wadhawa Nagar, Near Hotel Sunpark Kalka Highway, Zirakpur, Punjab, India, Pincode – 140603

5. Neurocon Inc: 

Neurocon Inc introduces itself to the world in 2016 as an ISO, GMP&WHO Certified firm with the finest quality of office infrastructure. They are specialized in the neuro range and offer a vast neuropsychiatric medicine range. Under the dynamic guidance of Mr. Gopal Kishan, the company similarly produces quality neuropsychiatry medicines, people from any part of the world can access our medicines brands. Today, they offer more than 300+ ranges which give you diversity and great ranges.

Also, its products provide in Army hospitals, State health departments, and hospitals. They offer a complete range of formulations which is the exceptional attribute of its company. All its product range is manufacture in great production units that are highly built with hi-tech machinery and run under expert surveillance. Their central focus is on to provides adequate services that set the benchmark for others.

They are beckoning people all around the nation to be part of one of the leading and growing neuropsychiatry pharmaceutical company. They provide their services for years with the help of their experienced medical experts and skilled workers.

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Product list of Neuropathic pain also includes:

  • Aripiprazole 10MG Tablet
  • Baclofen 10MG Tablet
  • Cholecalciferol 60000IU Softgel Capsules
  • Methylcobalamin 1500 MCG Injection
  • Naproxine500 MG Tablet
  • Naproxine 500 MG, Domperidone 10 MG Tablet
  • Methylcobalamin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Niacinamide, Injection

Office Address: SCO-47/1 First and Second floor, Samadhi Gate, Old Ropar Road, Manimajra, Chandigarh, Pincode – 160101

6. Somacare:

Somacare is a remarkable Neuro PCD Pharma Company in India to deal with pharmaceuticals assistance of the PCD pharma franchise. They, dealing with hundreds of drug solutions covering psychiatric and neurology medicines. Also, they set benchmarks of the highest order securing global standards and norms. Its produce list cover DCGI recommended drugs consisting of anti-depressants, Anti-anxiety, Analgesics, Sedatives, Limited Anesthesia, Anti-Epileptic, Anxiolytics antibiotics, etc.

The company serves optimum results to meet customer satisfaction via positive results. They own a highly advanced and most sophisticated infrastructure facility at their premises. All its machinery is highly progressive for delivering the utmost delivery in the minimum time frame. Also, they frequently check the working condition of medicine by doing regular checks up on fixed machines.

Along with that, they provide the Neuropsychiatry PCD Franchise business for pharma distributors and medical representatives. Their neuro PCD Pharma franchise throughout to get on top of the retailing division with tremendous benefits for everyone.

Neuropsychiatry Product Range also includes:

  • Amizil – 50
  • Amisulpride 100mg
  • Piracetam 500mg / 5ml
  • Vertihist 16
  • Bupropion 300mg SR
  • Equilite Forte
  • Citicholine Syp
  • Duloxetine 30mg
  • Etizolam 0.25
  • Fluvoxamin Maleate 100

Contact Details: SCF No. 246, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, India, Pincode – 160101

7. Aden Healthcare: 

Aden Healthcare has enhanced the fastest-growing neuro pcd pharma Company in India. They believe in creating value in all our manufactured product units like capsules, tablets, dry syrups, eye drops, sachets, etc. Also, they conduct their manufacturing tasks in a hygienic environment. So, they can match up with the set industrial quality standard. The company collaborates with many partners from many corners of India.

They are on the objective to develop a strong client-based and improves the lives of individuals. The company has skilled workers. They are working hard to provide the best quality range of Pharma products. Also, they develop medical possibilities to improve the health of the people and secure a healthy environment. The company is responsible for ensuring the good health of people. The company is responsible for ensuring the good health of people.

The numerous advanced manufacturing unit that enables them to supply the premium quality range of medicines. These are all reasons that why they ever hesitate to call themselves the leading Pharmaceutical industry in India.

Some of the Neuropsychiatry Medicines of their franchise are listed below:

  • Anti-Epileptic
  • Anti-Depressants
  • Mood Stabilizers
  • Anti-Addiction
  • Antipsychotics
  • Stimulants
  • Anti Scar Cream/ soap

Registered office: SCO -177 (Top Floor, Back Portion), Sector 38 C, Chandigarh, Pincode – 160036

8. Pharma Vends: 

Pharma vends working as the top leading pharma company in India and dealing in neurology and psychiatric medicines. The top-notch psychiatric company is interested in GMP-WHO manufacturing, corresponding, supplying, and marketing. They offer an extensive range of neuropsychiatry products portfolio is WHO-GMP-ISO certified. Also, they take pride in developing state-of-art manufacturing facilities of neuro products to provide high-end satisfaction to the customers and clients.

Having an extensive range of products will establish a great base of the following in your territory. The company presents various companies that deal in this category by caring for different certifications such as WHO and GMP certificates to manufacture and sell the products. Today they set up a list of trustworthy and credible manufacturers of neuro range products to expand their business with a deal of trust and profit.

Here is the list of neuropsychiatry medicine segments that they are providing:

  • Anti Epileptic
  • Anti-Migraine
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti Depressants
  • Mood Stabilizers
  • Food Supplement
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anxiolytics Medicines
  • Anxiolytics
  • Sedatives or Tranquilizer Tablets
  • Anti Psychotics
  • Analgesics
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti-diabetic medicines
  • Anti-Hypertensive
  • Anti-Addiction

Address:  SCO 71, First Floor, near Royale Estate, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

9. Aster Pharma: 

Aster Pharma identifies as a well-trusted name of the industry engaged in offering the best quality Neurology injection to clients. All its products develop by using quality-tested API at the vendors’ end. They always recheck the whole range of drugs on specific standard parameters to assure that their clients get perfect medicine from their end. Also, they ensure that offered product is administered to sufferers in various packaging sizes at the market with moderate prices only.

Its products are demands in the hospital sector. The range includes neurology injectable and neurology tablets for its clients at a very affordable price. All products are manufacture in GMP Certified Facilities in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Also, they have produced a state-of-the infrastructure facility which is well-equipped with modern facilities. They’re putting the safety and quality of products first and measuring the satisfaction of their clients for improvements in their business.

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They provide Neuro PCD Pharma Franchise, Third Party Contract Manufacturing, and serving over 1000 clients.

Injectables range also includes:

  • Amikacin 100mg Injection
  • Artesunate 60mg
  • Ceftazidime-1gm injection
  • Cefuroxime 1500mg
  • Diclofenac Sodium 75mg Injection
  • Imipenem 500mg+ Cliastin 500mg
  • Meropenem -1000mg
  • L-Ornithine L-Aspartate Infusion
  • Nandrolone Decanoate 25mg Injection
  • Pantoprazole 40mg Injection

Tablets range also includes:

  • Azithromycin 250mg
  • Cefixime 200mg tab
  • Levetiracetam – 250mg
  • Montelukast Sodium 10mg + Levocetirizine 5mg
  • Ofloxacin 200mg + Ornidazole 500mg
  • Rabeprazole 20 mg
  • Cefixime 200mg + Ofloxacin 200mg

Direction: No.3 New Chaudhary Complex Sector 12A, Panchkula, Pincode -134109, (Haryana) India.

10 Curasia Medilabs Private Limited: 

Curasia Medilabs is a pre-eminent pharma company that trades in manufacturing and supplying a flawless collection of Pharma Products to its clients. They have a team headed with well-experienced Directors with 26 Years of Experience that is truly inspirational and has the concept of establishing Curasia as an iconic trademark in the pharmaceutical industry. Its product range covers allopathic and herbal products, epistolizing to the most comprehensive range by any PCD Pharma company in India.

They try to keep moving with the new and developing trends and technological improvements in the pharmaceutical industry. All products are superior-in-class packaging produced in distinguished WHO-GMP certified units recognized for sheer simplicity and composition. They are well-known as a fast-growing company with the Neuro-Psychiatric division, give possibilities to contenders who want monopoly rights in diverse vacant states and districts across India.

The company is the notable PCD Pharma Franchise Company in INDIA that provides the best quality pharmaceutical products.

Product list of Neurology also includes:

  • Qmec Soft
  • Estoshan Plus
  • Fluclik-20
  • Cuciti-500
  • Curepzil-M 10
  • Tripsia-25
  • Lamgee DT 100
  • Gabsia-M
  • Gablicure-75

Corporate office: Kalpak Estate, Building No.A-1, Antop Hill, Mumbai, Pincode -400037, India

Important FAQ’s on Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India:

Question 1. How To Choose psychiatry PCD Pharma Companies in India?

Answer 1. To have the greatest, you must carefully select the best. Here are some pointers on how to choose the best neuro PCD pharma businesses in India.

  • Look into the company’s history.
  • First, pick a reputable organization and do customer audits with people who have previously worked with them.
  • The standard rate of return can assist you in estimating the return on investment and the benefits you can anticipate from the arrangement.
  • Take a look at their previous year’s balance sheet and profit to see what kind of net revenue you may expect from the deal.
  • Choose a business with an appealing name that is not difficult for people to remember.
  • Check Approvals and Certifications
Question 2. While choosing your company there are affirmations, endorsements, and authorizing you should notice?

Answer 2. There are also a few crucial factors to consider when selecting a good neuro PCD pharma company that can be relied upon for high affiliation and association.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • WHO is the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Confirmation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the assembling units and plants.
  • The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has given his approval to the item records.
  • The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) has given its approval.
  • Authorizing a Drug License Number (D.L.) and a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is essential.
Question 3. Why Choose Neuropsychiatry Range for Pharma PCD Franchise Business in India?

Answer 3.  The well-being of a country’s economy depends on how strong the pharmaceutical business is? Thus it is playing a big responsibility for the nation by largely contributing to the economic prosperity of the country. The government, as well as the IT sector, are both making significant contributions to this business in order to improve it day by day. It has been confronted with numerous problems on a daily basis, making it the most sought-after and thriving industry of all.

As the number of persons suffering from mental illnesses rises, so does the demand for neuropsychiatry medications. There are a number of companies that provide high-quality produced medicine to assist patients. If you want to start your own business with little resources and finances, a franchise may be the ideal option for you to expand your business.

Question 4. How to establish a neuropsychiatry pharmaceutical company in India? 

Answer 4. You can create your neuropsychiatry pharmaceutical company anyplace using a variety of marketing and promotional methods. And it’s at this point that you must decide on the type of marketing you want to undertake as well as an effective plan. You can choose two or more of the following options: branded medicine marketing, generic medicine marketing, franchise distribution, and so on.

Question 5. Who can apply for the neuropsychiatry franchise in India?

Answer5. Doctors, chemists, wholesalers of medicines, medical representatives, retailers, or anybody with experience in the neuropsychiatry industry are all eligible.

Question 6. How much investment is required to start a neuropsychiatry Company?

Answer 6. The money you need to establish the neuro franchise business relies on things such as the number of goods to be promoted, product categories, batch size, molecules, and so on. Besides, If you want to create a tiny franchise you can be started it from as low as the price of 50K rupees.


Above, we share a Neuro PCD Pharma Companies in India and hope the information granted in our article would help you reach your perfect destination. For more information or if you want to invest in this field, feel free to contact us. You can also fill the contact form from our official website.

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