Fluoxetine Capsules Manufacturers

Fluoxetine Capsules Manufacturers

Fluoxetine Capsules Manufacturers – Fluoxetine Capsules helps in the treatment of depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc. If you looking for Fluoxetine Capsules Manufacturers based in the Indian market then this article helps you to find out trustworthy manufacturers. Also, if you are finding any good option for starts your own business then you should choose the PCD franchise or third-party manufacturing of Fluoxetine Capsules.

What are Fluoxetine Capsules? 

Fluoxetine Capsules also improve your mood, sleep, appetite, and energy level and may help restore your interest in daily living. Along with that helps to decrease fear, anxiety, unwanted thoughts, and the number of panic attacks. Also, some doctors prescribe this product to reduce the urge to perform repeated tasks that interfere with daily living.

Fluoxetine oral capsule refers to a class of drugs well-known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Fluoxetine operates by raising the amount of serotonin (a natural substance) in your brain. Serotonin helps support mental health balance.

How to Use & Side Effects: 

While taking this medicine read the Medication Guide provided by your pharmacist. Take Fluoxetine Capsules by mouth as instructed by your doctor, usually once daily in the morning. The dose of fluoxetine is based on your medical position and response to treatment. To get the most benefit from it take this medication regularly. To help you memorize, use it at the same time each day.

Do not stop using fluoxetine without first asking your doctor. Some conditions may become more serious when the drug is abruptly stopped. Your dosage may require to be gradually reduced. You should see some recovery in 1 to 2 weeks. It may take 4 to 5 weeks before you feel the full advantage. Inform your doctor if your condition does not change or if it worsens.

Like other medicines, fluoxetine capsules may cause side effects. The lists below represent some of the more common and serious side effects that fluoxetine capsules may cause:

  • Depression
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Low sexual desire
  • Nasal congestion
  • Feeling anxious
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They come in these strengths:

  • 10 milligrams (mg)
  • 20 mg
  • 40 mg

Dosage for bulimia nervosa

Adult dosage (ages 18 to 64 years)

  • Standard dosage: 60 mg every day took in the morning.

Dosage for major depressive disorder

Adult dosage (ages 18 to 64 years)

  • Standard dosage: 20–80 mg every day.
  • Maximum dosage: 80 mg every day.
  • First dosage: 20 mg every day took in the morning.
  • Alternative dosage: You may be a competitor for using this drug once through the week. In this case, your doctor will discontinue your daily dose of the next-release capsules and change you over to the late-release capsules. You’ll take 90 mg once through the week. You’ll start using it seven days after your current daily dose of fluoxetine.

Child dosage (ages 8 to 17 years)

  • Standard dosage: 10–20 mg per day.
  • First dosage: After your child takes 10 mg every day for 1 week, your doctor may raise their dosage to 20 mg per day.

Dosage for obsessive-compulsive disorder

Adult dosage (ages 18 to 64 years)

  • Standard dosage: 20–60 mg every day.
  • Maximum dosage: 80 mg every day.
  • First dosage: 20 mg every day took in the morning.

Child dosage (ages 13 to 17 years)

  • Standard dosage: 20–60 mg per day.
  • First dosage: 10 mg per day. After two weeks, your doctor will possibly progress your child’s dosage to 20 mg every day.

Child dosage (ages 7 to 12)

  • Standard dosage: 20–30 mg every day.
  • First dosage: 10 mg every day

Dosage for panic disorder

Adult dosage (ages 18 to 64 years)

  • Standard dosage: 20–60 mg every day.
  • First dosage: 10 mg per day. After one week, your doctor will likely improve your dosage to 20 mg every day.


Before taking Fluoxetine Capsules inform your doctor if you have an allergy to it or any other allergy. This medicine may include serval inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or other problems. Notify your doctor about your medical history especially personal or family history of bipolar/manic-depressive disorder, personal or family history of suicide attempts, etc.

If you consuming alcohol that can make you more dizzy or drowsy. This medicine can cause a severe reaction when blended with alcohol. Ask your doctor about using this medicine safely. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, this medication should be utilized only when clearly required. Before taking Fluoxetine Capsules discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor.

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Top Manufacturing companies of Fluoxetine Capsules based in Indian Market:

Today the demand for neuro medicine is increasing rapidly including Fluoxetine Capsules, if you want to start your own bussnies then choose this option and make a good profit at a low investment. There are serval manufacturers of Fluoxetine Capsules in India that why we share the top and genuine manufacturers list. All listed companies provide you finest quality of products with the service of the PCD franchise. So, stay with us for more information on top manufacturing companies of Fluoxetine Capsules.

1. Palam Pharma Pvt. Ltd:

Palam Pharma is one of the most prominent manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. Also, the company is in quality manufacturing and all over the world Export of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). They have a strong foothold in the Pharma market since 1997. Today, the company has its own manufacturing facilities and driven by the best business practices to produce the highest quality of products. Their production facility complies with recognized standards of GMP and ensures that every product has the attributes of Safety and Purity.

Address: 12/C, Phase-1, Nr. Old Nirma, GIDC Estate, Vatva, Ahmedabad – 382445, Gujarat, India

2. Taj Generics: 

Since Taj Generics starts its establishment they are one of the most popular manufacturers in India. Also, they have top positions in different established markets worldwide and are building a strong presence in many emerging generics markets. Today, market more than 500 branded and 4600 generics compositions to consumers in more than 40 countries and territories across the globe. Their products cover a vast array of therapeutic categories, and we offer an extensive range of dosage forms. The company is committed to developing a distinguished generics pharmaceuticals business.

Contact Them: Unit 214, 2nd Floor, BAKEHOUSE No. 16/22, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Lane, Fort Mumbai, Pincode – 400001, India

3. Marsha Pharma Private Limited: 

Marsha Pharma involves in the manufacturing and supplying of pharmaceutical specialties in domestic as well as international markets. They have its manufacturing unit, quality control, and research and development laboratory with certification as per revised Schedule M. Also, the company provides contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Since the company starts its central focus on producing general medicines, branded generics, over-the-counter products. Today, the company is an emerging organization that is poised for world-class service in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Location: Block No. 532 A&B Opp. Lubrizol, P.O. Manjusar, TAL- Savli, District, Vadodara, Gujarat 391775

4. Noreva Biotech: 

Noreva Biotech introduces itself to the world in the year 2010 as the leading Pharmaceutical firm with the aim of global success by supplying the most effective and safe Pharma products. Also, the company is trusted by several clients for the highest possible quality, contentious pricing, good support, and unbeatable opportunities. It offers a huge variety, which has all required certifications for its usage and supply purposes. They are the ones you can believe for the best quality that delivers you an exceptional occurrence as PCD Pharma Company In India.

Contact Details: SB -41, Nand Marg, Subhash Nagar, Jaipur -302016 Rajasthan

5. Manus Aktteva Biopharma LLP: 

The reason behind why Manus Aktteva Biopharma is trustworthy manufacturers is the certification of ISO 9001:2015, a highly efficient, swiftly functioning competitive sourcing entity. Also, they serve private, institutional, and corporate clients worldwide in the field of Pharmaceuticals. They combine contacts, expertise, and core competency with their operations to deliver superior pharmaceutical sourcing solutions to clients. Since the company starts they supply products that would give complete satisfaction to their customers.

Direction: 303, 3rd Floor, Royale Manor, Law Garden, Besides Rangwala Towers, Behind N.C.C. Ground, Dhulia Kot Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380006, Gujarat, India.

6. AdvaCare: 

AdvaCare is USA based pharmaceutical company, who have their own manufacturing unit in serval countries including India. They are a distinctive kind of pharmaceutical and healthcare products company. Their aim to not only to expand business scale and scope but also to have a special interest in serving the needs of the end-user that requires its products the most. Their business makes a valuable contribution to society. Also, they focus on the best value for their clients while upholding the highest quality standards.

Registered Address: Number 11, Chandivali Rd, Chandivali, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072


Above we share a list of all reliable and trustworthy manufacturers of Fluoxetine Capsules. May our information is useful for you and you meet with any manufacturers. Also, if you have any inquiries regarding this list or you want a PCD franchise in India then contact us directly or you can also fill the contact form from our official website.