Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet Manufacturers

Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet

Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet Manufacturers – Today the demand for neurology products is increasing day by day, one of which may be chlordiazepoxide trifluoperazine tablets. Also, if you are around for starts your own business then Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablets should be on your top list. There are serval manufacturers of Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet that provides you the international quality standard of products. In this blog, we share all genuine information of Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablets Manufacutrers based in the Indian market.

What is Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazin? 

Chlordiazepoxide+Trifluoperazin is a combination of drugs that helps in the treatment of schizophrenia. Also, this product has been used for the short-term treatment of anxiety.

Chlordiazepoxide refers to a class of medicines well-known as benzodiazepines. Chlordiazepoxide operates on your central nervous system. It raises the level of several chemicals in your brain. This increases your indications of depression and anxiety.

Trifluoperazine belongs to a class of drugs well-known as antipsychotics. It may help regulate the amount of a substance termed dopamine in your brain. Dopamine plays an important role in both schizophrenia and anxiety. Regulating it may improve your disease.

How to Use & Side Effects: 

Always take this product by mouth with or without food, habitually once or twice daily, or as your doctor guides you. The dosage of this medicine is based on your health condition, age, and response to treatment. To get more benefits of the medicine take it on regular basis. Don’t stop the medicine without notifying your physician. Some conditions may become more serious when this drug is abruptly stopped.

In the starting, the doctor directs you to start this medication at a low dose and gradually increase your dose because to reduce the risk of side effects. If you feel any kind of side effects then consult your doctor as soon as possible. The side effects of Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine table add the following:

  • Orthostatic hypotension
  • Memory impairment
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Uncoordinated body movements
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Constipation
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Dosage for schizophrenia: 

Adult dosage (ages 18–64 years)

  • Standard starting dosage: 2–5 mg twice every day.
  • Dosage additions: Your physician will raise your dose gradually until your body reacts to it or can’t endure the side effects.
  • Standard dosage: 15–20 mg every day in split doses. Some people may need 40 mg per day or more.

Child dosage (ages 13–17 years)

  • Standard starting dosage: 2–5 mg twice every day.
  • Dosage additions: Your physician will develop your child’s dose moderately until their body reacts to it or can’t bear the side effects.
  • Standard dosage: 15–20 mg every day in divided doses. Some people may need 40 mg every day or more.

Child dosage (ages 6–12 years)

  • Standard starting dosage: 1 mg once or twice every day.
  • Dosage additions: Your doctor will increase your child’s dose gently till their body reacts to it or can’t undergo the side effects.
  • Standard dosage: Most children respond to 15 mg every day. Older children with intractable manifestations may need higher dosages.

Dosage for depression and anxiety together: 

Adult dosage (ages 18–64 years)

  • Standard starting dosage: 1–2 mg twice every day.
  • Maximum dosage: 6 mg every day.
  • Treatment span: You should not take this medicine for more distant than 12 weeks for this condition.

Child dosage (ages 0–17 years)

This medication has not been investigated in children with anxiety. It should not be used in kids younger than 18 years of age for this situation.


Before taking this medicine inform your doctor if you have an allergy to it or any other allergy. Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet may contain inactive components that may cause allergic reactions or other problems. Also, don’t use this medicine while you are intoxicated with alcohol/opioids/other drugs that cause drowsiness/slowed breathing.

Before taking the medicine always tell your medical history with your doctor. Also, this medicine delivers you more sensitivity to the sun. So avoiding tanning booths and sunlamps. Your child may be more sensitive to the side effects of this drug, especially uncontrolled movements. Try to avoid this medicine for your child.

During your pregnancy or breastfeeding stay on the secure side and try to avoid Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet. Also, if you are planning your baby then consult your doctor and discuss all benefits and risks with them. Untreated mental/mood problems can be a serious condition, do not stop taking this product unless directed by your doctor.

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Top Manufacturing companies of Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet:

Below we share a genuine list of top companies involved in the manufacturing and supplying of Chlordiazepoxide Trifluoperazine Tablet. Also, these companies provide the services of PCD Franchise that helps you start your own business at low investment and make more profit. So, stay with us or enjoy the list.

Candour Health Care Private Limited: 

Candour Health Care is most leading manufacturer and supplier of pharma products including Chlordiazepoxide+Trifluoperazine. It’s all products offered products from extremely reputed pharmaceutical producers who pay acrimonious attention to their product quality standards.  Also, they have always been professional in their work, no matter what the situation is.

All this is done under the dynamic guidance of their Managing Director, Mr. Robin Kumar, whose vision has always been to help people have a clear path to quality approved pharmaceuticals.

Address: B-37, Damoderpuri, Saharanpur – 247001, Uttar Pradesh, India

Lupichem Healthcare: 

Since 2010 Lupichem healthcare starts they assure you of the best services for effective marketing of pharmaceutical products. Their central focus on specialization segments in India and the contemporary opening of newer markets abroad has helped us keep the growth. The company has a team involves in manufacturing to quality control, financial wizards, marketing gurus, etc.

They adopted the policies of producing pure, safe, and effective high-quality biologicals. Also, the company is committed to developing new technologies with enhanced release profiles to ensure better treatment compliance.

Contact Details: 311/B Shreyas Complex, Vejalpur bus stand, Nr. Prahlad Nagar Main Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380051


Somacare is engaging in the pharmaceuticals services of PCD pharma franchise and third-party manufacturing. Also, they dealing in hundreds of drug solutions covering psychiatric and neurology medicines. All its products have introduced benchmarks of highest order ensuring global standards and norms.

Their comprehensive list cover DCGI recommended drugs consisting of anti-depressants, Anti-anxiety, Analgesics, Sedatives, Local Anesthesia, etc. Also, their portfolio offers to serve excellent results to meet their customer satisfaction via positive results.

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Contact Info: SCF No. 246, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh, India, 160101

Salavidas Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd: 

Salavidas Pharmaceutical starts its establishment in the year 2015 as manufacturers, supplier, and exporter of top-notch quality products. Today, the company offers serval products such as Capsules, Tablets, Syringes and Injections, Diabetes Medicines. All its products are appreciated by the consumers for their effectiveness, purity, safety, and innovative composition.

Their central focus on the feedback of clients has helped them to stand ahead of their counterparts. Under the leadership of “Mr. Viral Dhaduk”, Salavidas Pharmaceutical has manifested itself amongst the top-notch manufacturer and suppliers of medicine.

Registered Address: 803, Shubh Square, Near Lal Darwaja, Surat – 395004, Gujarat, India

Elikem Pharmaceuticals Private Limited: 

Elikem Pharmaceuticals introduces itself to the world in the year 1985 as s a manufacturer of a comprehensive and highly effective range of neuro products. All products are processed under the supervision of a skilled team of professionals using the most advanced processing technique.

Also, its products have to go through a representation of quality checks before qualifying for sale to the customers. Furthermore, they strive to develop more efficient products through market surveys.

Contact Them: Plot No. 816/1, Near Ramdoot Packaging, P.O. Rakanpur, Kalol, Gandhinagar – 382721, Gujarat, India

Innovative Pharmaceutical: 

Today, innovative pharmaceutical is one of the strong-growing pharmaceutical company in India with the motive of mankind. The company grew from 26 products to 1350+ products, 4 Specialised Segments, including almost all therapeutic organizations and specialties. Also, they’ve been exempt to play a role in helping millions of people stay well. Their passion for perfection drives them to continuously improve systems so that processes and procedures are continuously updated.

Contact Address: 501, Pearl Arcade, J.P.Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai-58, Maharashtra, India


May above mention all information is useful for your searches and your reach of any trustworthy manufacturer of Chlordiazepoxide + Trifluoperazine Tablet. Also, the above-listed companies provide you best services of PCD Franchise of its products. If you have any kind of question regarding the above mention list then feel free to contact us directly or you can also fill the form on our official website. We are available 24 hours for helping you.